Secure private instant digital money

Stash combines many innovative blockchain technologies to form a leading edge cryptocurrency.

About Stash

Stash is a next generation open source digital currency for the real world. Stash incorporates instantaneous transactions (StashSwift), increased network capacity and low transaction fees. Additionally Stash integrates state-of-the-art zero-knowledge cryptography to keep your transactions truly private.

Transaction Speed

Instantaneous transactions using StashSwift


Superior untraceable anonymous transactions using zero knowledge cryptography

Low Fees

Significantly lower transaction fees than those incurred using commercial banks or Bitcoin


A governance system allows for quick decentralized decision making


Self-funding allowing for continued development without the need to rely on founders financing or donations


Capacity: 80x bitcoin transaction capacity through an iNode network and up to 20-megabyte blocks

Incentivized Nodes (iNodes)

Stash uses a 2nd tier iNodes network layer. Inodes are servers that keep a full copy of the Stash block chain and provide decentralised services such as instant transactions and governance in a trust-less manner.

Currency Comparison

  • Speed
  • Strong Privacy
  • Self-Governance
  • Self-Funding
  • Capacity




Meet the team

Stash has a growing team with members from around the globe.

David Nowacki

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Mike Beacham

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

David Gray

Lead Software Engineer

Thomas Hitchens

Software Engineer

Alek Trpkoski

Chief Operating Officer

Pier Stabilini

Source Code Auditor

Franck De Girolami


Adam Dossa



What are our plans and where are we heading?

  • Stash iNode Structure

    Q2, 2018
    Stash will work on developing the iNode structure. The 2nd tier iNode structure will allow STASHPAY.IO software users to set up iNodes and in return for providing resources to the network get paid STASH cryptocurrency.
  • ZSL Integration & Stash Wallet

    Q3, 2018
    Stash Labs will integrate ZSL, a zero-knowledge security layer into STASHPAY.IO software designed to anonymously and securely settle transactions on the blockchain while at the same time keeping the origin, destination and payment amounts private. Stash Labs will also develop a GUI wallet for storing STASHPAY.IO Tokens.
  • STASHPAY.IO Review and Testing

    Q3, 2018
    Stash will engage a third party to review, test and audit the STASHPAY.IO code. The review will focus on integration of the snarks library, testing transparent and shielded transactions, testing incentivized nodes and auditing all aspects and functionality of the STASHPAY.IO core code base.
  • STASHPAY.IO Software Launch

    Q4, 2018
    Stash Labs will release the StashPay.IO open sources software. Any launch of a STASHPAY.IO Platform will occur by members of the community and not by Stash Labs. If a STASHPAY.IO Platform adopting the STASHPAY.IO Software is launched, the default STASHPAY.IO Software configuration developed by Stash Labs will allow users to utilize the core functionality of STASHPAY.IO including iNodes, shielded transactions and instant send.
  • 2019

  • Stash Governance and Funding System

    Q1, 2019
    The Stash Governance and Funding System will be finalized in order to help any STASHPAY.IO Open Decentralized Autonomous Network function efficiently and evolve organically while utilizing the collective intelligence of the STASHPAY community. The STASHPAY.IO governance and funding system will be designed so that the community can vote on funding and governance proposals on any blockchain that decides to use the STASHPAY.IO software.
  • Private Messaging

    Q2, 2019
    Integrate a peer to peer private messaging system (StashChat) that allows all STASHPAY.IO users to send shielded messages using zero knowledge cryptography. StashChat will be a completely anonymous communication network with no third-party intermediaries that will allow users to communicate privately.
  • Stash Core Javascript Library

    Q3, 2019
    Stash Core Javascript library provides the base foundation for the explorer insight API as well as future light wallets. The Stash Core Javascript library is a building block for third parties to integrate into Stash Core.
  • Light Wallet Integration

    Q4, 2019
    Integrate Stash into third party light wallet that will allow users to send and receive Stash easily without the need to run a full node. Users will be able to send and receive Stash from a mobile wallet in addition to the desktop wallet.
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