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Stash combines many innovative blockchain technologies
to form a leading edge cryptocurrency

Stash is a next generation open source digital currency for the real world. A key advantage of Stash is that it solves numerous problems being encountered by other cryptocurrencies. Stash does this by bringing together many ground-breaking blockchain technologies while using the gold standard in cryptocurrency privacy.

In addition to comprising critical features for an efficiently functioning open decentralized autonomous network such as self-governance and self-funding, Stash also incorporates instantaneous transactions (StashSwift), increased network capacity, low transaction fees and state-of-the-art zero-knowledge cryptography.

Unlike other methods for cryptocurrency privacy that rely on obscuring the linkage between transactions, Stash encrypts transactions on the blockchain. This allows for the amount, origin and payment destination to stay hidden while still verifying the transfer of funds under the network’s consensus rules using zk-SNARK proofs.

Transaction Speed

Instantaneous transactions using StashSwift


Superior untraceable anonymous transactions using zero knowledge cryptography

Low Fees

Significantly lower transaction fees than those incurred using commercial banks or Bitcoin


A governance system allows for quick decentralized decision making


Self-funding allowing for continued development without the need to rely on founders financing or donations


Capacity: 80x bitcoin transaction capacity through an iNode network and up to 20-megabyte blocks



For cryptocurrency to be equally interchangeable it must not have a history otherwise there may be individuals that choose not to accept it because they don’t like where it’s been. This has already happened with bitcoin where exchanges have blacklisted certain coins following major wallet thefts. While mixing coins is being attempted by other crypto currencies it is slow and questionable in terms of how private it really is. Stash provides superior fungibility by separating Stash coins from their past transaction history on the blockchain. Stash reveals nothing beyond the fact that somewhere some valid transactions occurred.


Owners of Stash will be able to run their own iNodes by providing resources to the network in the form of CPU power and storage. iNodes are paid 45% of the block reward. To run one iNode you need to own 10,000 Stash. The more Stash you own the more iNodes you can run and the more Stash you can get paid. Early adopters of Stash have the potential advantage of generating higher rewards on their Stash. In order to run an iNode Stash owners must continue to hold their Stash cryptocurrency and not spend it. This in turn reduces the available market Stash supply and increases the stability of the Stash cryptocurrency.

User Friendly

While Stash is powerful under the surface with leading edge cryptocurrency features, above the surface it is simple and user friendly. Stash will allow anyone irrespective of their technical abilities to download the Stash wallet with a few clicks and send or receive funds instantaneously and privately. While Stash will continue to push the boundaries of blockchain innovation it will always endeavor to provide a cryptocurrency that is intuitive and easy to use for the everyday consumer who requires digital money that is private, safe, and effortless to transact with.

Read the Whitepaper here

We have written a white paper that explains Stash and articulates it's many different features in more detail.


Vitalik Buterin

- Founder of Ethereum

Describing zk-SNARKs Technology

“I was amazed it seemed hard to believe that a cryptographic technology could exist that was so powerful, capable of providing almost any kind of cryptographic proof without revealing any extra information in the process.”

Stash Debit Card

Pay with any merchant that accepts traditional debit and credit cards

Stash Mobile Wallet

Coming Soon

Instant & Private

Always keep your Stash with you, send and receive funds privately and instantly anywhere, anytime

Payment Offloading

Transfers the more computationally demanding zk-SNARK proof generation to the iNode network

Intuitive to Use

Easily view your balance in fiat currency equivalent

Reward Monitoring

View how much Stash cryptocurrency rewards you’ve earned from running iNodes

Sale Structure

Role of Token Stash Labs Pty Ltd is building the STASHPAY.IO Software but it will not configure and/or launch any public blockchain platform adopting the open source STASHPAY.IO Software (the “STASHPAY.IO Platform”). Any launch of a STASHPAY.IO Platform will occur by members of the community. The STASHPAY Tokens do not have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features, express or implied, including, without limitation, any uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features on the STASHPAY.IO Platform.
Symbol STP
Cost Per Token in $USD $0.10 Based on the closing hourly prices of exchange rates published on when our deposit address receives your payment
Total Stash Token (STP)Supply 500,000,000
Tokens for Sale 0-360,000,000
Tokens to Stash Team 100,000,000 (27/09/2018 lock-up)
Tokens to Advisors & Bounties 40,000,000
Tokens to Stash Labs Pty Ltd If any Tokens are not sold they will be sent to the Stash Vault (and locked-up until 27/09/2018)
Stash Tokens (STP) Platform Ethereum Blockchain
STASHPAY.IO Software Tokens STASHPAY Platform
Total STASHPAY.IO Token Supply Over 100 Years Maximum 997.8 million, after 100 years of mining, includes 500m Token Distribution supply
Emission Rate STASHPAY.IO Tokens 7.1% per annum
STASHPAY Token Pre-Sale Period 24/09/17 23:00 UTC to 22/10/17 04:00 am UTC
STASHPAY Token Sale Period 22/10/17 04:00 am UTC to 19/11/17 04:00 am UTC
Accepted Form of Payment Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)
Token Sale Date Stash Tokens (STP) will be distributed at the end of the Token Sale
Security Funds will be stored in multisig wallets and cold storage
Minimum Goal None
Maximum Cap $36,000,000

Sale Bonus Structure

Pre-Sale Starts 24/09/17 11:00 pm UTC Bonus
First 24 hours 40%
25/09/17 11:00 pm UTC to 01/10/2017 4:00 am UTC 30%
01/10/17 4:00 am UTC to 08/10/17 4:00 am UTC 25%
Pre-Sale 08/10/17 4:00 am to 22/10/17 4:00 am UTC
Pre-sale bonus between $20 - $1k 11%
Pre-sale bonus between $1k - $5k 15%
Pre-sale bonus between $5k - $10k 18%
Pre-sale bonus between $10k - $50k 20%
Pre-sale bonus between $50k - $100k 25%
Pre-sale bonus > $100k 30%
  Token Sale 22/10/17 4:00 am UTC Bonus
  First 24 hours 10%
  23/10/17 4:00 am UTC to 29/10/17 4:00 am UTC 9%
  29/10/17 4:00 am UTC to 05/11/17 4:00 am UTC 5%
  05/11/17 4:00 am UTC to 19/11/17 4:00 am UTC 0%

Stash Token (STP) Distribution 500m Total

Meet The Team


Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

David has 13 years capital markets experience having worked at Macquarie Bank, Commsec and more recently as Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of BlackPearl Capital Partners a firm specializing in alternative investments.

Mike Beacham

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Mike has 15 years programming experience across a number of languages including C++ and C#, he was an early miner and investor in Bitcoin, Dash as well as other cryptocurrencies. Mike brings valuable knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of peer to peer networks.

Thomas Hitchens

Software Engineer

Thomas brings a diverse background to Stash including 12 years experience in C++, PHP and Javascript. Thomas is managing Partner of Click and Brick a technology and venture capital agency focused on software and app development as well as social media campaigns.

Alek Trpkoski

Chief Operating Officer

Alek brings 20 years of Banking and Capital Markets experience. Alek previously worked at Westpac private bank and at Bankwest as Senior Commercial manager. Alek currently acts as Senior Investment Advisor at BlackPearl Capital Partners.

Mark Lennox


Mark is an investment professional, with experience in a broad range of roles from business strategist, sales trading and portfolio management. Mark possess in depth product knowledge of equities, derivatives and hedge funds. During he’s career he has built valuable networks and has been featured in radio, print media and television.

Aaron Gulliver


Aaron is Professor and Canada Research Chair in Advanced Wireless Communications, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Victoria. Aaron has published numerous journal papers. He’s research interests include, Wireless communications, Information theory and source coding, Cryptography, Protocol design, Cryptography and computer security, Bayesian methods and applications.

Adam Dossa


Adam has 13 years experience in technology within the financial sector as a developer, manager and leader. He has worked at senior leadership levels Including acting as Executive Director of Interest Rate Derivative Risk at Morgan Stanley. He is widely recognized as being a team leader who is reliable, able to drive innovative solutions and is extremely focused on execution. Adam holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Oxford University in Mathematics and Computation with 1st Class Honours and a Masters in Machine Learning from Columbia University (4.0 GPA).


What are our plans and where are we heading?

  • Stash iNode Structure

    • Q2, 2018

    Stash Labs will work on developing the iNode structure. The 2nd tier iNode structure will allow STASHPAY.IO software users to set up iNodes and in return for providing resources to the network get paid STASHPAY.IO Tokens on any blockchain that decides to adopt the STASHPAY.IO software.

  • Stash Governance and Funding System

    • Q3 2018

    The Stash Governance and Funding System will be finalized in order to help any STASHPAY.IO Open Decentralized Autonomous Network function efficiently and evolve organically while utilizing the collective intelligence of the STASHPAY community. The STASHPAY.IO governance and funding system will be designed so that the community can vote on funding and governance proposals on any blockchain that decides to use the STASHPAY.IO software.

  • STASHPAY.IO Software Launch

    • Q3, 2018

    Stash Labs will release the StashPay.IO open sources software. Any launch of a STASHPAY.IO Platform will occur by members of the community and not by Stash Labs. If a STASHPAY.IO Platform adopting the STASHPAY.IO Software is launched, the default STASHPAY.IO Software configuration developed by Stash Labs will allow users to utilize the above mentioned features.

  • ZSL Integration & Stash Wallet

    • Q4, 2018

    Stash Labs will integrate ZSL, a zero-knowledge security layer into STASHPAY.IO software designed to anonymously and securely settle transactions on the blockchain while at the same time keeping the origin, destination and payment amounts private. Stash Labs will also develop a GUI wallet for storing STASHPAY.IO Tokens.

  • Private Messaging

    • Q1, 2019

    Integrate a peer to peer private messaging system (StashChat) that allows all STASHPAY.IO users to send shielded messages using zero knowledge cryptography. StashChat will be a completely anonymous communication network with no third-party intermediaries that will allow users to communicate privately both individually and in groups.

  • Stash Mobile App

    • Q1 2019

    Stash Labs will develop a mobile app that will allow STASHPAY.IO users to store and anonymously send and receive any STAHPAY Tokens. The STASHPAY.IO mobile app will allow users to easily use their phone for everyday transactions. In addition, users will be able to monitor their STASHPAY.IO tokens reward payments from running iNodes on any blockchain that decides to use the STASHPAY.IO software.

  • Decentralized API

    • Q1 2019

    Stash Labs will launch a Decentralized API that will utilize random groups of iNodes which will eliminate the need for software developers to store validate and download any entire blockchain running the STASHPAY.IO software while still proving them with the security and privacy of an iNode.

  • Stash Debit Card

    • Q2 2019

    Create a STASHPAY debit card that will allow any STASHPAY.IO Token owners to securely pay with their STASHPAY in person, online or over the phone with any merchant that accepts Fiat currencies. As a result, this will allow STASHPAY.IO Token owners to purchase virtually any product or service they wish with their STASHPAY.IO Tokens and should increase the utility of any STASHPAY.IO Tokens.

  • Direct Stash to Fiat Currency Conversion

    • Q1 2019

    Create a direct payment facility that allows users to directly exchange their STASHPAY.IO Tokens for Fiat currency and vis versa. The STASHPAY Conversation Gateway will be integrated into the STASHPAY.IO wallet and mobile app.