A key advantage of Stash is that it solves numerous problems being encountered by other cryptocurrencies.


For cryptocurrency to be equally interchangeable it must not have a history otherwise there may be individuals that choose not to accept it because they don’t like where it’s been. This has already happened with bitcoin where exchanges have blacklisted certain coins following major wallet thefts. While mixing coins is being attempted by other crypto currencies it is slow and questionable in terms of how private it really is. Stash provides superior fungibility by separating Stash coins from their past transaction history on the blockchain. Stash reveals nothing beyond the fact that somewhere some valid transactions occurred.


Owners of Stash will be able to run their own iNodes by providing resources to the network in the form of CPU power and storage. iNodes are paid 45% of the block reward. To run one iNode you need to own 10,000 Stash. The more Stash you own the more iNodes you can run and the more Stash you can get paid. Early adopters of Stash have the potential advantage of generating higher rewards on their Stash. In order to run an iNode Stash owners must continue to hold their Stash cryptocurrency and not spend it. This in turn reduces the available market Stash supply and increases the stability of the Stash cryptocurrency.

User Friendly

While Stash is powerful under the surface with leading edge cryptocurrency features, above the surface it is simple and user friendly. Stash will allow anyone irrespective of their technical abilities to download the Stash wallet with a few clicks and send or receive funds instantaneously and privately. While Stash will continue to push the boundaries of blockchain innovation it will always endeavor to provide a cryptocurrency that is intuitive and easy to use for the everyday consumer who requires digital money that is private, safe, and effortless to transact with.

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